The F-Word

Frontend podcast by Bruce Lawson and Vadim Makeev


13. Does the iOS browser ban harm or help the web?

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev, Stuart Langridge

12. Theme-color and extensions in Safari 15, testing a11y in React Native, :has pseudo class

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev

11. Susy and Sass, CSS Layers and CSS compatibility, Container Queries and CSSWG

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev, Miriam Suzanne

10. Eric in Igalia, what’s coming, CSS Nesting and Cascading Layers

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev, Eric Meyer

9. Safari extensions, cascading layers of CSS, what’s new in WCAG 3

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev

8. Replacing UA strings with Client Hints as possible harm to the Web

Bruce Lawson, James Rosewell

7. We’re back, Chrome 88 beta, and The grand unification proposal

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev

6. Mozilla layoffs, modals and focus, AVIF, AdBlock Plus lawsuit

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev

5. Brian Kardell on Open Prioritization experiment, Igalia, MathML and the Web commons

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev, Brian Kardell

4. Apple vs. EU, form slappers, where’s Houdini, browser bugs and Web compat

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev

3. Web site resilience, HTML nesting rules, masonry layout, Web We Want

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev

2. Chrome 81, Firefox 75, gaps in Safari, webdev glossary, a11y for designers

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev

1. Npm and GitHub, closing HTML tags, disappearing User-Agent, Safari vs PWA

Bruce Lawson, Vadim Makeev